Work characteristics

Wide range of applications, can transport all mobile or even non-liquid materials, can be two-way rotation, two-way transmission;

Flow, pressure stability, no pulse

Flow and speed is proportional to the dosing can be used as Small working noise; high efficiency

Transport medium

Fluids of various viscosities, especially difficult to convey medium of high viscosity (up to 20m / s)

Various concentrations of fluid and dehydrated dehydrated dry material

Medium containing solid particles (up to 70%), fibers (up to 350 mm) and suspended solids

Liquid, gas and solid mixture Sensitive fluids that can not be agitated, sheared and squeezed

Corrosive media (pH = 1-14)

High and low temperature medium (-10 ~ 150 ???)

Single screw pump basic structure

1. Exhaust body



4 gimbal components

5. Intermediate shaft

6 gland seal

7. Drive shaft

8. Bearing seat part

9.Shaft seal part

10. Inhalation room