RSP rubber rotor pump is a type of low-speed high-lift and highly efficient positive displacement pump. Provided with export-import one-way valve and two abrasion-proof rubber encapsulated spiral cam rotors inside the pump cavity installed on two parallel axles driven by synchronous gear, it achieves no clearance among rotors and between rotor and the pump. It also ensures outstanding sealing effect, minimal leakage, and high suction vacuum, which may reach 8.5 meters. It is particularly suitable for sewage treatment and transfer of corrosive and high viscosity petrochemical media and gas or solid-containing medium. The prime motor may be electric motor, diesel engine, hydraulic turbine or hydraulic motor depending on the sites.

scope of work

Flow range : 0.2-1400m3/h

Pressure range???0.1-3.0MPa

Range of viscosity???106cp

Suction vacuum degree???0.085MPa

prime motor form???electromotor, oil engine, hydroturbine, ac motor

Form of inlet and oulet???Linear type???S type???L type and Parallel type

Driving Form


Product Features

   It is applicable for the transfer of sticky, solid- containing, fibrous, abrasion-proof, gas-liquid mixing, and forward-backward required occasions;

Pump speed is controlled at 200-600r/min, ensuring low speed and long service of the rotor and the seal;

   Compact structure, small installation and maintenance space, and minimal land coverage to facilitate production equipment arrangement and save space;

Easy inspection and maintenance; availability of online-maintenance without needing to remove the pipeline or use lifting devices to achieve rapid fix;

   Short travel of medium inside the pump, steady operation, and ability to transfer special liquid such as liquid explosives;

Transfer of gas-liquid-solid mixtures including bulk materials, fiber, and hair without causing blockage;

   Forward and backward operation of the pump to achieve successful loading and unloading;

Outstanding sealing and strong self-priming performance with the maximal suction reaching 8.5 meters;

   Independent sealing chamber, which must be lubricated regularly; short-term idle run (???30 minutes) may be allowed when feeds run out;

Wide variety of rotor, shell, and sealing options to meet with customers???different needs.


Applications fields  

Environment protection: Municipal wastewater,chemical sewage, hydroextractor feeds, scum, water floatage recycling, lime slurry, seepage,and sludge in the sedimentation tank;

Sewage treatment: Reflux pump, excess sludge pump,sludge feed pump, sludge discharge pump,lift pump, sludge transfer pump for the concentration tank, and sludge transfer pump for primary and secondary sedimentation;

Petrochemical industry: Transfer of muddy oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, lubricant, and oil-gas-water mixture (oil discharge and stripping may be carried out synchronously) to achieve multiple purposes with one pump.

Chemical industry: Corrosive substance, solvent, grease,detergent, dye, and water-coal slurry;Fire fighting industry: Foam concentrate and fire pump;

Other industries: Coating, papermaking, resin, and polymer.

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