The RLP series cam rotor pump is the company after years of research and the combination of domestic and foreign

advanced manufacturing technology of multi purpose two - way displacement pump, the product manufacturing technology

and manufacturing accuracy has reached the international advanced level in the same product.

   The product with the help of the working cavity in a plurality of fixed volume conveying unit periodic transformation to achieve the purpose of conveying fluid. The original motivation of mechanical energy through the pump directly into the conveying fluid pressure energy, the pump flow rate depends only on the wording chamber volume change value as well as its in unit time changes in frequency, and (in theory) and discharge pressure independent; rotor pumps rely on the two synchronous reverse rotation of the rotor (rotor blade number is 2-8 in the process of rotation) in the entrance to generate suction (vacuum), two rotor rotor chamber is separated into several small spaces, in is driven by the transmission shaft are rotated in the opposite direction, medium is conveyed to the discharge port. Thus poses a higher  discharge pressure, so move in circles, particularly suitable for high viscosity medium conveying.


Rotor pump performance and features 

   Can transport medium viscosity is less than or equal to 2000000CP, and the solid content in slurry for 60%.

   The flow transmission range: 0.1~200m3/h.

  Can deliver pressures up to 1.2MPa.

   Can withstand temperature range: -40 ~ 300???.

   The mobile pump can absorb various bottled material. Suction vacuum degree of 0.08MPa.

   The pump rotor every and conveying material contact parts, are in line with national health standards made of stainless steel, the sealing pieces are made of nontoxic rubber. Reliable anti - rust and non - toxic sealing to ensure the safety and health.

  Applied to in situ CIP cleaning and sterilization, in full compliance with the American FDA standard requirements and pharmaceutical grade (GMP) specification requirements.

   Is particularly applicable to the transport process of foaming easily and transport of high viscosity, high concentration and medium containing particles, by its delivery of material to maintain the quality of the original unchanged, can not afford any physicochemical reaction.

   Using the dynamic, static ring type mechanical sealing, can direct water washing, high pressure resistance, not easy to wear, no leakage.

  Small volume, large flow, high head pressure, suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative conveyer.

   The rotor of the pump and gear separately, and in the pump cavity of the spare parts to ensure a oertain gap between, do not contact with each other, no wear, low noise, good reliability, long service life, energy saving and consumption reducing.

   Configuration of frequency oonverter, you can adjust the flow, and can be used as a metering pump generally use.

   Compact stmcture, convenient maintenance, almost no wearing parts, low operation cost.

Heat preservation and cooling pump with built - in structure, good thermal conductivity, according to user connection demand, optional flange type, clamp type, screw type, can also be based on user needs, in the pump head configuration for safety valve.

Application fields  

   Chemical product: AES, LAS, AOS, MES, K12, glycerol, sorbitol, fatty alcohol, bathing shampoo, skin, cream, cream, shampoo, detergent liquid, toothpaste soap, washing powder slurry. Dyestuffe, pigments, all kinds of pulp, chemical additives, adhesives, silicone oil, leather oil, a variety of colloidal materials, etc.

   Foods: Chocolate yoghourt. Honey, syrup, cane sugar, tomato juice, concentrated juice, jam, icecream, yeast slurry, meat slurry, jelly, condiment, lees, soybean, protein, flour, slurry, etc.

   Dairy: products, milk, cream, butter, sourmilk, cheese, yoghurt.

   Paper making: Polyacrylamide, calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxyl starch paste, rosin, rosin rize, paper pulp, filling, dry strength agent, wet strength agent. Sizing agent Jitering agent, antifoaming agent, spreading, water treatment chemicals, etc.

   Chemical fiber: Pectic slurry, PVA, vinylon slurry, acrylic slurw, ammonia slurry, polyester, slice, terylene. Polyprop ylene fiber, rayon, functional fiber, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: Ointments, extractum, medicine latex, pill paste, syrup, healthcare products, drugs, etc.

   Coating: Paint, dope, printing ink, insulating paint, resin, additives and assistants, organic solvent, etc.

Technical Data Sheet