Homogeneous emulsion pump, its operating principle is like this: The materials move at high speed in the narrow gap between multi -rotor and the stator by the rapid turning of the rotors. Under the action of a particular structure, materials withstand hundreds of thousands oftimes per minute or even millions of high - speed shear cutting in the working chamber and form a strong fluid strength cutting and the turbulent So that exercise on the materials fully distributed, heterogeneous, emulsifying, crushing, refining, mixing under the centrifugal. Pressing, squeezing, grinding, breaking suchsynthesis action The more layers of rotor and stator in the working chamber, the shear area is bigger and the effect is better The material refinery can reach 40??m. They are multifunction equipment for dispersion, homogenization, breaking, emulsion, compound, dissolution, suspension, and transmission. It makes the products more competitive.

The craft classification

According to users, different prooess demands, Ouming Machinery has now developed pipeline type high-shear dispersion emulsifiers with such structural features of stators and rotors as single-stage double-layer, two- stage double-layer, multi-stage double-layer and single-stage multi-layer to meet diversified needs.

Application fields

   These series products are widely used in petro chemistry,refined chemistry,consumerchemistry,chemica1,fiber, pharmacy.Foods,farm chemicals. Chemical fertilizer, environmental protection, paper making,resin,ink and metallurgy.

Performance and features 

Large quantity, suitable for industrialization on the

continuous prodution

Size distribution narrow, evenness high

Save time, high efficiency, saving energy consumption

Low noise, smooth operation

Eliminate quality differences of batch production

No dead Angle, material 100% by dispersing shear

With short, low head transmission function

Simpleoperation, convenient maintenance

Can automatic control


 HEP series  homogeneous&emulsification pump His used in online sustained or cyclic processing elaborate materials in the narrow chamber, it is with a pair of 2-5 layers of coupling rotators and statars The materials are sheared by the equal probability when through the work chamber and the granule size reduced, upgrade the effect On - Line eliminating the quantity difference between different batches, make sue the constant quality Stator and rotator with different layers combination make it suitable for different operating condition requirement. Online measurement of mixing design makes the intensive production come true It has short distance, low - lift transport function.

Table of technical parameters: